Coccyx Cushion/Seat Wedge

URGO Coccyx Seat Wedge (Custom)

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  • A premium back support is probably your most important purchase, ergonomically speaking, since approximately 70% of all employees work while sitting."

The Standard URGO Seat Wedge or Coccyx Cushion helps improve posture while helping to relieve sciatica, numb buttocks, and pressure or pain on the tailbone. Coccydynia, and/or haemorrhoidal discomfort, is aggravated by sitting.

The wedge restores and maintains a correct ergonomic sitting position. The wedge will also provide a pelvic tilt, ensuring that hips are higher than the knees; a position often recommended by doctors to provide maximum comfort and back pain relief. The angle created by the cushion ensures that the natural 'S' shape of the spine is maintained.

Pressure on the tailbone (coccyx) is eliminated by a cut-out in the rear of the cushion, in the area where your tailbone would rest. This removes contact with a hyper-sensitive tailbone or haemorrhoidal tissues. In the seated position, the weight bearing surfaces of our buttocks are intended to be our “sit bones” of the pelvis. Healthy seating should not apply pressure to the tailbone.

Seat Wedge or Coccyx Cushion Features� (ALWAYS use with red piping face uppermost)

  • Supreme comfort
  • Even weight distribution
  • Pressure-relieving soft memory foam laminated to high-density foam
  • Ideal when sitting for long periods
  • Removable washable cover
  • Carry bag