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There are multiple reasons why you should considering making the switch to an ergonomic pillow:

  • Pain relief. If you have ever complained about neck or back pains, headaches, or muscle cramps, it might have much to do with how you sleep. A good ergonomic pillow will provide support in areas where it’s most needed.
  • Greater comfort. Simply put, most ergonomic pillows are more comfortable than the average pillow. Not only do they often use better materials, such as high-quality memory foam and hypoallergenic fabrics, but they also form to the shape of your body.
  • Better posture. In that same vein, ergonomic pillows provide the support needed to foster good posture and prevent bad neck or spine posture from developing.
  • Long-term health. If your current pillow is causing you to lose sleep or experience pain, you could unknowingly be doing damage to your long-term health. An ergonomic pillow can help prevent some of these issues, and even correct them.
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