Ergonomic Office Chair 150

URGOline 150 Ergonomic Office Chair

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Suitable for persons from 120 kgs to 150kgs.
Suitable for 24/7 operation.

Each URGO chair is custom-built. Once you have purchased your item we will get in touch via email or contact number for your measurements!  

Ergonomic Features :

MECHANISM - 5 position Italian synchro mechanism, with torsion tilt manual adjustment.

CASTORS - 75mm Tente castors manufactured in France to EN 12528 specification. Rated at 60kgs per castor.

SEAT HEIGHT - Raise or lower to allow your feet to rest flat on the floor. Avoids pressure under your thighs, easing blood flow to the feet.

BACK HEIGHT - Raise or lower to position lumbar support in your lumbar area. Reduces the likelihood of back pain.

WATERFALL SEAT EDGE - Reduces pressure at the back of the knee, contributing to good blood flow to the feet. Supports the body effectively, allowing you to sit longer without discomfort. Ideal for diabetics.

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE ARMS - Allows vertical movement of armrests to match desk height. Ensures armrests properly support forearms, reducing muscular effort in the neck and shoulders.

LUMBAR SUPPORT - Advanced vertical adjustable lumbar support allows you to position the backrest for maximum lumbar support. This will alleviate back and shoulder tension.