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URGO Computer Monitor Stand

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Ergonomic Features:

After sitting at a computer for several hours, people often complain of shoulder, back, and neck pain as well as eye pain and headaches caused by straining their eyes. In fact, vision problems and musculoskeletal injuries to the back and neck are among the common office-related injuries that result from inadequately positioned computer monitors.

The adaptability of this monitor stand enables users to move freely and be more comfortable. When correctly set up, it will reduce eye strain, as well as neck and back pain.

Whether your workstation is at your home, at an office building, at your school, or somewhere else, ergonomic monitor stands are critical for promoting office health and comfort.


  • 360° swivel top, measuring 310mm x 250 mm
  • Overall size: 320mm x 260 mm x 135mm high


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