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URGO Testimonials

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Tanya Kirsten
SG Agility - March 2017

Compliment on excellent service:
I would like to congratulate Mike on going above and beyond excellent service in helping me find the correct pillow for my neck problems that I have been suffering from for years. Nothing was ever too much effort for Mike even though it took many tries and almost 2 months of testing and trying pillows. Even after I had bought a pillow and then decided it wasn't the correct one, Mike was willing to help me go back to square one and offered different samples and solutions. This is the first company I have ever come across where I have experienced such dedication and passion for their business. A simple thank you will not be sufficient for all the hard work and patience you had put in to help me. God Bless.

Swartland Logistics - October 2016

Dankie Mike,
Puik diens en 'n puik stoel!
Lekker dag!

October 2016

Good Morning Mike
I have given it 7 days before reporting back on my pillow...

In short... You sold me the pillow that I dream on !

In the not so short... I am extremely satisfied with my pillow, not to mention the process to find my ideal pillow. I am truly very happy, especially now that I have settled into the newness. And if my cervical spine could speak, I am quite sure it will have lots of good things to say and many words of thanks.

With much appreciation for the wonderful service to make sure that I end up with the ideal pillow for me, myself and I!!

Warmest Wishes

Dr Annie Chimphango
Stellenbosch University - December 2015

Dear Mike, Many thanks. It is indeed working for me. God Bless you for the wonderful service you are providing.

Warmest regards,

Estelle Kitching
August 2015

I have bought one of Mike's chairs recently, because I am frequently behind my laptop and I struggle with back pains. This chair has really helped me a lot since I bought it about 2 months ago. It supports my back while I sit behind my desk.

Mike's service is excellent, personal and one can see that he loves his job. Very passionate and caring and great after sales service as well.

I can highly recommend him.

Toolsense - March 2015
HD Coccyx Wedge

I used the new wedge extensively in October / November 2014 during a two week trip to the US.

The new wedge offers superior support and therefore more comfort than the previous wedge that I purchased from yourselves, even after nearly sixteen hours of continuous use on the flight from Johannesburg to Atlanta.

It is definitely an improvement and I can fully recommend it.

Arlene Jacobs
Kadimah - January 2015

I have been a client of Mike Daly and URGO for close to four years now, and have his products both in my home and in the office. I could not manage without these as they have remarkably changed my life and made sitting, sleeping and travelling in my car easier. I can whole heartedly endorse his pillows and chairs, because after years of use, they still provide the great support I need. Mike himself is a wonderful, inspiring individual and always prompt with lending products and delivering your purchases. It has been a pleasure dealing with him and I will continue to do so for many years to come.

Elsebe Feldtman
Old Mutual - October 2014

I was just counting my blessings this morning and thought I must let you know that my chair has absolutely changed my life. I am so much more comfortable and cannot believe that I spend so many years sitting on a bad chair.

So once again thank you.

Disability Unit - August 2014

This serves to confirm the instalment of a new chair in my desk, more importantly I sincerely thank my management ,Disability unity and the CPUT at large, moreover I took this as a sign of being valued, as a worker and more importantly as a human being.

Warm regards

Max Leipold
Hermanus - August 2014

This company deserves nomination for a number of reasons a) advanced product design which makes the URGO range the first choice of qualified biokineticists b) a manufacturing process that ensures the highest possible extent of local content c) a keen understanding of the needs of its customers d) after sale service which translates into an exceptional dedication to ensuring that each product sold does the job it was intended to do e) product affordability During 2014, I have had extensive dealings with URGO (represented by Mike Daly) and can guarantee that both the company and the person meets all of these criteria. I compared their product (both individual products and the range of products) and was unable to find another company in this field that came close to matching URGO -- even on price !! Revisit the client time and again and adjust / modify the product until the user is satisfied that it does the job for which it was bought; wonderful after sales service. For all the above reasons and have in fact referred URGO to a dozen or so other sufferers of back and related pains.

Prof Johan Hattingh
Stellenbosch University - April 2014

The Urgo chair that Mike supplied for my office at Stellenbosch University was a vast improvement on any of the office chairs that I used in the 33 years of my academic career. I was so impressed with the comfort and support of the chair, as well as Mike's friendly and informed service, that I ordered another one for my study at home. Honestly, I don't think that I will ever use another office chair that I just buy off the shelf from ordinary furniture shops. The chair that I sit on now while writing this, is really extraordinary! Thanks Mike!!

Elizabeth Hector
Stellenbosch University - 2014

I have ordered quite a few chairs and these chairs are absolutely amazing and the service we got from Mike Daly is priceless! Thank you, Mike:) I will recommend Mike's service at any time!

Tanya Bell
Selfmed - 2014

I have to fully agree that Mike Daly really does go the extra mile! He truly deserves this nomination. He sincertiy, honesty and integrity speak volumes about him as a human being. He truly cares about his customer - and it is so evident in the way he conducts his business. He will not settle for anything less than the very best when it comes to affording a person sound advice, coupled with the best product possible to suit their individual challenge. I had terrible neck pain and under Mikes caring guidance and product my neck pain is significantly reduced. I highly recommend Mike to all who would benefit from the unique products that he offers. Product, coupled with pre- and ofter sales service makes for a very rewarding customer experience!

Lee Hall
Bergstan - December 2013

As an IT professional I spend a considerable amount of time seated in front of my computer. Several years ago, Mike Daly supplied me with a custom-built office chair that provides adjustable lumbar support as well as adjustable armrests. Not only has the lower back pain which had become something of a problem subsequently disappeared, but I also find myself very much less fatigued by the end of the day. Mike did NOT provide a one-size-fits-all approach,but instead listened attentively to my comments before proposing a personalised solution that involved not only the chair, but also advice on posture, screen, mouse and keyboard orientation, and periodic exercise and rest breaks. The chair itself is a robust, quality product which has yet to show any signs of wear and tear, and I was able to select the material in which it was upholstered from a vast range of colours and textures. Mike has followed up on several occasions to ensure that his product continues to perform satisfactorily. Without any doubt, Urgo provides a level of personalized, quality service that is extremely rare in today's world.

Penelope Horwood
August 2013

In just three weeks, the use of my Urgo cushion has alleviated my lower back pain - after nine years of suffering it. It is so simply designed, yet so effective and Mike Daly is personally involved and interested in each client, ensuring they derive full potential from their cushion. The cushion is user-friendly, attractive and effective, yet lightweight enough to carry around and even to pack it for a business destination. An excellent example of a small business product tailored to make an individual's live bearable. Mike Daly has created an almost instant solution for bad backache - his Urgo cushion, which in three weeks has cured my lower back pain, after nine years of agony! He is personally interested in his clients and goes to exceptional lengths to ensure they are satisfied. His is an excellent example of a small business delivering a unique service that benefits individuals, very quickly. Well done!

Rose Oosthuizen
Kraaifontein - August 2013

The correct pillow makes all the difference. My husband has had a problem with snoring for years. But now thanks to Mikes advice and the proper pillow that is now a thing of the past and I can sleep peacefully. I strongly recommend these products.

Helen Margaret du Preez
Strand - August 2013

Mike Daly is one in a thousand. His products are excellent. He walks the extra mile for his clients and gives excellent advice for every specific need. He also follows up to make sure the client is happy with the products. I wish there were more people of his caliber in the business world.

Jacques Basson
Tygervalley - May 2013

Mike looks after his customers passionately. Professional service with a smile!

Colleen Louw
Stellenbosch University - March 2013

I can highly recommend Urgo Back Care Innovations. Wherever Mike Daly's passion goes, his energy flows. I have never ever had so much customer care on a one to one basis, and this just shows how passionate Mike Daly is about his client's needs. All their products are outstanding, and there service, above the norm. Mike Daly facilitates and creates changes in all our working areas, because he takes a personal interest in each and every customer. Urgo Back care are solution focused rather than problem focused. Their products are of a very high quality. Mike Daly is very passionate about his clients.

C Vorster
Stellenbosch University - Mar 2013

I had back problems since I was a child and the common typist chairs that are usually provided at academic institutions in their computer rooms can cause severe discomfort after a couple of hours (especially when projects are due and you cannot afford to take a break). Now as a PhD student, I have to sit for hours in front of my computer which can cause my back to go in spasms. However, since I started to use the URGO chair, provided by Mike Daly, I had less problems with my back and shoulders. He was very helpful and worked on my chair until I was satisfied with it. Therefore, I would like to support the nomination of URGO/Mike Daly for this award.

Diane Bell
University of Stellenbosch Business School - Feb 2013

I wish to support the nomination of URGO/Mike Daly for this award. I have known Mike for many years (and been a client for many years), and it is not often you come across such a unique individual - a business person who truly cares about their client/customer in terms of solving their unique challenge and not just 'making a sale'. Mike builds long-term relationships with his customers, resulting in loyalty and repeat business. Not to mention the absolute quality and effectiveness of his products.

Stellenbosch University - 2013

As an academic, I spend the majority of my time seated in front of a computer screen. A few months ago I developed severe back pain, and a colleague recommended I contact Mike Daly for a new office chair. Mike came to my office in Stellenbosch for a personal consultation, and after garnering detailed information on my symptoms and the way in which I work, he redesigned my workspace and custom-made a chair for my office, as well as one for home-use. He shared his own experiences with chronic back-pain, and was therefore able to provide much-needed empathy as well as excellent advice on posture, exercises (on a lamenated sheet, for free) and which health practitioner I should consult. I was amazed how little time it took for him to personally deliver my chairs, considering that are custom-made and that he is a one-man show. My back pain is something of the past, and I have Mike to thank for that.

Debbie Munro
Noordhoek - 2013

I have just recently purchased two Urgo pillows from Mike and the exceptional service we experienced from Mike was wonderful! He offered my husband a range of his pillows to try out for well over a week until my husband was completely satisfied with the pillow that he chose! It was such a pleasure to deal with someone who genuinely cared about his customers. I would highly recommend his products!

Stellenbosch University - December 2012

Ek is baie gelukkig met my stoel en die diens wat ek van Mike gekry het. Ek het ook twee kussings, 1 vir my motor en 1 vir my stoel wat regtig baie goed werk om die sitplek sagter en gemakliker te maak.

Aman Khan
ASA Accountants - December 2012

Great personal service, quality products that suit our needs, and good after sales and response time too. Definitely recommend URGO and Mike Daly for excellence as one of our preferred suppliers.

P Coertzen
Stellenbosch University - October 2012

I am very satisfied with the chair that I purchased through Mike. I struggled with back problems and this chair has really helped to reduce them. The footstools which Mike recommended is also a great help. The chair really supports my back while I sit working at my desk. It was also good doing business with Mike as a person.

Maretha van Niekerk
Stellenbosch University - September 2012

I had back, shoulder and neck problems caused from sitting at my computer working for long hours each day. When I discussed the situation with Mike Daly, the owner of Urgo Back Care Innovations, he took a personal interest in my specific situation and recommended an exceptionally comfortable chair for me. He personally set up my chair according to my needs and my problems were solved instantly! I also bought this marvelous pillow for use at home and have only sweet dreams left! As I have done numerous times already to others, I wholeheartedly recommend Mike Daly for his exceptional knowledge in this regard, motivated and friendly client service, as well as for the excellent products he promotes.

Stephanie Thurston
Polyoak, Diep River - December 2011

I highly recommend Urgo/Mike Daly, for the Small Business of the Year Award. Mike goes above and beyond for his clients and does so with a smile. It it rare to encouter such a sterling businessman with true business acumen, customer service, honesty and integrity. Urgo's products are good quality and I would recommend them to everyone.

Isobel Jones
University of Cape Town - November 2011

I have used my Urgo conventional shaped pillow for about 10 months now with no side effects. It is a brilliant support for my neck and head. No neck pain or headaches to speak of. I can really recommend the Urgo conventional shaped pillow.

Karen Vorster
Tate and Lyle - June 2011

Huge improvement with regards to less back pain since our Company purchased us all chairs for the office. I also have the pillow to sleep on and don't go anywhere without this - hardly get neck pain anymore. My husband has also purchased himself a chair for home to use when busy on the computer at his desk. He has changed jobs recently and insisted to buy himself another chair for his new office which he did not mind paying for himself as he knows it is a quality product and would always come in handy. Good after sales service, professional and efficient. Mike Daly is an absolute pleasure to do business with and he values his customers and believes in giving that personal touch to ensure his clients are happy. He is also very passionate about his products as he uses it on a daily basis in his personal life and it has only given positive results to himself and others. Thanks Mike - all the best and may your business grow from strength to strength.

Michelle Barnard
PR Manager / 94.5 Kfm / 567 CapeTalk

Dear Mike
567 Cape Talk would like to congratulate you for being nominated in this year's annual Small Business Awards held last month.

It's been our privilege to get to know some of you recently and a highlight has been everyone sharing their story with us. From a business making custom animated videos to raw food enthusiasts - an online network of skilled moms and gorgeous locally produced sleepwear, to name a few.

Although each business has presented a unique offering, there are a few characteristics that stand out to be the common thread. In each and every case, listeners had highlighted the fact that you are committed to service-excellence.

Again, congratulations on your nomination. You are doing something very right and we hope that you have been motivated by this acknowledgement.

We wish you and your business great success for the future.

Karen Vorster
Cape Town Branch Office Manager - TATE LYLE Foodsystems

I purchased an Urgo chair for myself a year ago as I work long hours sitting in front of my computer every day. I often get lower back pain and severe neck spasms, but since I sit on my Urgo chair it has changed my life. I am more comfortable and the back pains happen so much less as I now have good back support - this really has changed my working environment and ability to sit for longer periods as a time and get my work done.

Since I have bought two chairs through my company for two of my colleagues they are also very satisfied and without complaints. My boss had a back operation ten years ago and therefore this chair has been a life saver to him.

I have also purchased a chair for my husband as he sits for long hours during the day and at night editing photographs on his computer. What a difference this has made, but now the only problem I have is getting him away from his computer.

There is no doubt in my mind that an Urgo Back Care Innovations chair is necessary, inexpensive considering the excellent quality and most definitely the way to go if your health and well-being is important to you!

Sheryl Williams

I have suffered with numbness on the side of my right thigh for more than 27 years. I felt a constant painful tingling in that part of my leg which was only relieved when walking or standing. Remedies, doctors and time have failed to cure it and it became a nagging discomfort I have lived with all these years.

When I bought an Urgoline 20 office chair and foot stool, my only expectation was that it would prevent back and neck strain caused from working for long periods at my computer. What took me by surprise and completely amazed me was how, within a few days of using the new chair, the numbness in my leg had substantially improved. Now, I have almost complete relief and am even sleeping better than I have in years too.

Lynn Foulkes

I bought an office chair for my son from Urgo. I have never experienced such exceptional customer service and the chair has made a huge difference to my sons posture in front of the computer. His back pains and stiff neck, are something of the past. Mike takes much care in making sure his clients are nothing less than 100% satisfied.

Vionne Tregurtha

I can highly recommend Mike Daly for this award. He is truly passionate about his product and assisting the client. He listens to what his clients needs are and then responds, not simply trying to push sales. The pain I previously experienced is gone and that is the highest commendation I can give someone!