Designed and Manufactured
in South Africa

Telephone  083 258 7676

About URGO

Custom Manufacture

URGO Back Care Innovations works on the premise that all people are made differently. One size does NOT fit all! We try to cater for the many different sizes of people. To this end, where necessary, we will custom build products, designed specifically around you, our customer. This will be realised when we do the ergonomic assessment with you, in your home or at your workplace.

We are constantly reviewing our products to ensure that we are right up to date with current trends, both locally & overseas. We are continually looking to expand our range, or making modifications to existing products, that will suit our customers.

Skype Assistance

We are active on Skype, Messenger, and Whatsapp. Where a customer is not based in or near Cape Town, we can, via the medium of video-calls, be in contact with you. We can look at your workplace via your web cam. We can give valuable advice in assisting you to correct any shortfalls in connection with the equipment and furniture that you are using, where you are working. Also, once you have received your URGOline chair, we can, via video-call, direct you as to how to set it up correctly. This would apply to any other items you may purchase from us.

Memory Foam

The components to manufacture the visco-elastic (memory) foam that we use, is all supplied by Bayer in Germany.


All fabrics offered by us on our seating conform to SABS 1324:2001. (download SABS 1324:2001.pdf)